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12 Things you Should Never Say to Someone Going Through a Divorce

July 15, 20231 min read

12 Things You Should Never Say to Someone Going Through Divorce

Do you have a friend who’s navigating divorce, but you’re unsure of how to support them? One of the most important things you can remember is to focus on the positive, and when in doubt, ask them what they need! Listen to them without judgement, offer a safe space when they need it, don’t make assumptions, and avoid saying any of the following phrases:

●     Did you try counselling?

●     I’m sure you’ll get back together!

●     Did he cheat?

●     Your poor kids — my heart breaks for them!

●     Well, I can’t say I’m surprised!

●     Couldn’t you have stayed together until your kids were a bit older?

●     Wow, what happened?! Give me all the details!

●     But you had it so good with them! Are you sure you can’t tough it out?

●     So, are you dating someone new now?

●     It must be so nice having your kids only 50% of the time.

●     I’m sure this is just temporary!

●     I can’t imagine having to start over at this age!

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