Alicia Robertson is a ‘divorce guru’ on a mission to lift the shame and start a conversation about one of society’s most taboo topics.

Alicia is a trained life coach with specializations in mindfulness and positive psychology – and a ‘survivor’ of an unexpected divorce herself. With humor, candor and wit, she delivers straight talk on all aspects of divorce, from the logistics (like when to hire a lawyer and how to navigate holidays) to the ‘inside work’ required to come out on the other side feeling whole, hopeful and happy.

Alicia is available to speak at meetings, conferences and retreats and can tailor her talk to your needs. Please reach out to for a custom quote for your next event.

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Feel whole, hopeful and happy while you crush divorce and transform into your authentic self with quick wins, mindset shifts and growth through mindful reflection. All that helped me to quickly re-set during challenging and forgiving times through divorce.

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