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November 11, 20221 min read

What do you think of when you hear “self-care”? A spa day, a girls’ night, or a day of retail therapy might sound amazing, but self-care doesn’t actually have to cost a single cent, or even take up very much time. Ultimately, self-care is about taking a pause to do what you need to fill up your cup – to make you happier, calmer, and healthier.

By prioritizing simple, regular, and consistent refuelling of your soul, you’ll find yourself better equipped to not just survive but thrive through your divorce. If you’re not sure where to begin, here are some easy and accessible ideas in five soul-filling categories to help you start practising self-care ASAP:

●     Rest:

○     Sleeping or finding stillness

○     Giving yourself permission to not be helpful

○     Taking a break from responsibility

○     Breathing to reset

●     Environment:

○     Visual: Natural light and colours

○     Sensory: Plants and blankets

○     Scent: Candles and scented mists

○     Declutter any extra stuff, including any of your former partner’s belongings

●     Spiritual:

○     Meditating

○     Releasing limiting beliefs

○     Connecting to the power of faith

○     Awareness of the universe and signs

●     Mental:

○     Surrounding yourself with inspiring words, quotes, and pictures

○     Journaling about anything that is ruminating

○     Setting short- and long-term goals

○     Learning something new

●     Emotional:

○     Practicing gratitude

○     Meditating

○     Let it out! Cry, scream, laugh, or write out your feelings

○     Release it: Burn it, toss it, let it go!

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