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4 Steps to Conquering Your Post-Divorce Anxiety

May 14, 20221 min read

In the first few years following your separation, you’ll come up against countless changes and “firsts” that will surely cause some anxiety spikes. But by learning how to use mindfulness to navigate these trying times, you’ll be better prepared in handling your divorce and co-parenting journey with grit and grace.

Try following this four-step mindful change management strategy through awareness, acceptance, anticipation, and action:

Awareness: Before you can effectively navigate any upcoming “firsts”, you need to gain a baseline awareness of your feelings and thought patterns. Try to observe and connect to your thoughts without judgement.

Acceptance: Change is hard, but it’s also an opportunity. By accepting that change is ongoing, you make room in your life for growth and learning. Embracing and accepting change will allow you to continuously improve and adapt your co-parenting plans with the best interests of your family at heart.

Anticipation: From holiday celebrations to new relationships, the anticipation of these “firsts” can feel stressful and overwhelming – but it doesn’t have to. By planning for the firsts and mindfully addressing what feelings may come up, you can create a plan to reduce your anxiety and maintain control of the situation.

Action: Having a plan in place helps to reduce your stress and fosters better collaboration. By planning ahead and thinking through potential scenarios, you’ll find it easier to pivot and adapt no matter what happens.

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