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4 Ways Meditation Can Work for Everyone – Even if You’re Not Sure It’s Really for You

January 17, 20242 min read

4 Ways Meditation Can Work for Everyone – Even if You’re Not Sure It’s Really for You

If you’re feeling more triggered than tranquil these days, you might think that carving out even 10 minutes of solo meditation time sounds impossible. How will you possibly quiet your brain enough to feel zen? How will you keep your kids out of your hair for that long?

Here’s the good news: meditation is way less rigid than you think. Here’s a few ways you can incorporate meditation into your already hectic life.

  • Try stacking meditative time on top of your daily activities: Meditating doesn’t have to mean you’re in a yogi pose during a perfect moment of silence. (Although that’s always a beautiful opportunity if you can swing it!) Try bringing your thoughts inward while you’re in the shower or taking the dog for a walk.

  • Focus on being grateful: The idea of meditating can be pretty intimidating if you’re not already comfortable with the practice. Try to shift your mindset to focus on being grateful. If you’re on a walk, think about how good the sunshine feels on your face and how appreciative you are of this time and space for yourself.

  • Stuck in a line? Meditate instead of scrolling your phone: Whether it’s at school pickup or drop-off, in a waiting room, or at the bank, try to let your brain rest in reflection in these mini downtime moments.

  • Add it to your workout time: If you’re consistent about making time for your physical well-being each week, what about your emotional well-being? Try incorporating 5-10 minutes of meditative time before or after your workout.

Meditation can work for you if you focus on making more accessible inroads for it in your life. The more attainable meditation becomes, the more you’ll see the benefits, and perhaps even start to carve out more dedicated time for it.

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