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The #1 Tip for Successful Co-parenting During the Holidays

December 14, 20231 min read

The #1 Tip for Successful Co-parenting During the Holidays

Despite what you see in Hallmark movies, the holidays aren’t a merry time for everyone — especially if you’re going through them as a newly divorced family. Figuring out how to split the holidays between families and different households can be an arduous and emotional task, but lucky for you we’re sharing our top tip to successfully co-parent through the holidays this year:

Start planning early.

If you haven’t made your holiday plan yet, prioritize getting it done ASAP. Don’t procrastinate — you’ll just end up making the whole process more stressful for everyone if you leave this scheduling to the last minute. Figure out when your kids are on winter break from school, when any special holiday events are happening, and any other key dates. This process is likely going to be emotional (especially if it’s your first holiday season post-divorce), so if you start early on the logistical planning, you’ll be giving your emotions a softer place to land and reducing any last-minute stressors.

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