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April 15, 20231 min read

Thinking about getting a side hustle to supplement your income as a single parent? While side gigs can be an incredible opportunity, they’re not for everyone. Before you jump head-first into something new, here’s a few things you should consider:

Have you properly evaluated your current finances? Your number 1 side hustle should be ensuring that your financial portfolio is working its hardest for you. Talk to a financial advisor to look into investment planning and loan capacity. Do a self-audit of your monthly bills, subscriptions, dues, and payments — do you actually value what you’re spending your money on?

Do you have the extra time and energy to devote to a side hustle?: Many people don’t realize how much of a grind it can be to start up a new side gig — and depending on your area of focus, it can be very costly to get in the game, as well.

Do you have a genuine interest in your potential side hustle?: Think about what fills your cup — your hobbies, interests, and passion projects. Is there a way you could share those things with other people for a return? Some examples of this might be gardening for neighbours, dog walking, etc.

Remember: as a single parent, you’re already hustling! This is the time to evaluate your life for the better — not break yourself by hustling. If you really want to take on a side gig, make sure that it’s one that fits your life, rather than complicating it.

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